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Mechanical Shotgun Slingshot Power by Flat Rubber Band 80CM Pulling Power


Strong three Full Metal Poles super tough

Full Stainless Steel Hooker Trigger

Retractable Butt Easy Carry

Aluminum Alloy Grip

Overall size 95CM after retracted

Rubber band Pulling power 80CM

Supports 4 Flatbands ( each size 2 )

Net weight 2.9KG

Full Metal CNC making


Very important Before Buy:

This is a very complicated mechanical slingshot

Shooter needs to know basic Mechanical knowledge about a slingshot

Installation needs a good Hands-on ability and Enjoy a fun of Installation.

Once you buy this item, it means you understood the toy is not installed yet.

The installing job need at least 5 hours

Please email us

I will email you the hotlink of Youtube video.

If you feel you can not install it by yourself after you watched Youtube video.

Please do not buy this item.

if you have not yet an experience for any type of Mechanical Slingshot,

Please watch the full installing video carefully before purchase,

To ensure you can set it up well



Ammo for Mass shot:

Steel ball Diameter 4, 5, 6 is the best using

Mass shot : 10-30 balls in one round (depend on ball type you used )

Ammo for Single shot:

12-14MM Steel ball is suggested for single shot

Max Diameter is single 18MM steel ball

Mass-shot is suggested as this is shotgun-slingshot

Also it can launch out standard carbon arrow 300-400 grams

Or other ammo stuffs are in suitable size which can be put into the launching channel.


Initial Speed:

Depends on the steel ball weight and rubber band power you used

Initial Speed is approx 350-420 FPS in the common


Delivery via Two alone Fedex express parcels

This item do not have any Scope or Laser


Package Includes:

1 * Shotgun Slingshot 80CM Pulling Power

       Fork supports max 4 flatband, each side 2

       Unique Fork supports any width flatband

 1 * Tool kit

 4 * Flat Rubber Bandset


Watch Play Youtube Video:

Watch Full Installing Youtube Video, Very important before buying



The shipping way is by Global Fedex Express delivery service from China ( Delivery 7 to 14 business days )

Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website during transit

Not Economy Int'l Shipping.


We are professional on slingshot rifle plus maker.

we have a capacity to slove within 48 hours for any question

Hope you enjoy shopping with us !

Wish you enjoy our slingshot and take down many targets.


Welcome to shop !

All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you !

Shotgun Slingshot Power by Flat Rubber Band 80CM Pulling Power
Shotgun Slingshot
USD $ 496.00

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