One Key Unlock Super Power 85CM Band Pulling Lightweight Hunting Mini Slingshot Version ID : MAY_2020
Rubber band pulling distance at 85CM or at 68CM
Be Suitable for different Players arms length
One key to automatically unlock all 5 layers of rods
How use the front "One-key"
(1) When you Pull rod, Need not to press the Key.
every metal pin will be locked autoly.
(2) When you Push rod, Shorten slingshot.
please move key lightly forward to your own direction.
at the same time, Push rod lightly, please Not too hard.
Move rod back and forth a little bit,so rod will be shorten well.
(3) please add lubricating oil to the rod for best using.
The built-in track settled inside to every rods
Please do not rotate the entire rod too hard.
Or will cause the inside track is destroyed.
Needles derailment. Five short poles has 5 needles
Rods can be rotated but can not be over power to rotate
To connect rod to slingshot fork, There are 2 ways:
(1) to the top 2 holes. ( 2) to the side 2 holes
It will decide the pointing direction of scope base.
Be suitable for scope sighting, LED light or other devices you like to add
Add a screw to ROD, The rubber band pulling distance.
Can be changed from 85CM to 68CM
Be Suitable for different Players arms length
85 cm for hunting and 68 cm for sporting recreation
Using 68 cm, Extends the life of the rubber band.
How to add this screw:
The biggest rod, at the the reverse side of the Releaser.
there is an empty screw hole.
Once you install a screw into this hole.
The screw restricts one rod from being extended.
so, the pulling distance is changed to 68CM
Irregular positioning holes make the rod stronger
the first of needle for built-in track activation
When starting the practice,
it is recommended to use a distance of 68 CM
Scope shown on the ebay gallery photos are sample only
This ebay item do not have scope or laser
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Package Includes:
    1 * One Key Unlock Newest 85CM Pulling Slingshot Mini Rifle
          Version ID : MAY_2020
    1 * Camouflage tape
  10 * Flat Rubber Bands
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One Key Unlock Super Power 85CM Rubber Band Pulling Lightweight Hunting Slingshot Rifle
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