M1CB 2020 Super Accurate Mini Slingshot Rifle 72CM Pulling One Key Unlock Full CNC Tech Easy Carry

Play: https://youtu.be/3NrExPgXiOw
Installing: https://youtu.be/8-PA-PFhfo4
Reloads & Pulls: https://youtu.be/6QawQgbGdPo

Best Ammo: 9mm to 11mm steel ball
when hunting,
Please try to get some Quality is at G100 OR G10 steel ball.
They are the best ammo for slingshot hunting
Step on the entire fork tightly
Need to touch the 4 corners
One hand hold main grip
another touch the rear stock
keeps pole is vertical and pull back
The pole and bow need be vertical
Precision mechanical structure inside
Each short tube has each own PIN
Never rotate pole over 15 degree
Or pole will be No working
Or every tube can not pulled out
Or PIN will be not locked
If PIN is not locked
you may push then pull back a little bit
So PIN will be locked each holes
How to close slingshot ?
For rubber bands's pulling back power
after shot, ensure the entire pole is open Totally.
if it is not expaned completely, use hand to expand pole
after, to Press the key in the middle of Fork
So the pole will be very easy to shorten

Max support flat bands thickness is 1MM
Max supports Flat Band width is 50MM
Net weight 1.85KG

This item do not have any Scope or Laser
The web price has been included Fedex Express shipping fee

Package Includes:
    1 * M1CB 2020 Mini Slingshot ~ Easy Carry
  10 * Flat Rubber Bands

Watch M1CB 2020 Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/3NrExPgXiOw
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How to play Manual Video : https://youtu.be/xEwzlKhEkN8
Watch Actual Combat video : https://youtu.be/4—9jyWhu64
Watch Installation video : https://youtu.be/LZznZzZbuUo

The shipping way is by Global FEDEX Express delivery service from China ( 7 to 14 business days)
Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website in transit.
Not Economy Int'l Shipping.

We are professional slingshot manufacturer,
if you have any question about products and installation,
please email us and we will response within 48 hours.

The following conditions are not covered by the product warranty
(1) Precision mechanical structure inside, many many small parts inside,
Please don't try to open the pole and trigger system.
Or you will be very very hard to put it back rightly except your are Mechanical Engineers
(2) if above happened, you may send pole back to our factory and we will refix it for 100% free.
But you need to pay the expensive Fedex shipping charge by twice
(3) This is real Precision mechanical structure, please follow the above opercation manual exactly
(4) we only made 300 units for net costing is too high.
(5) Welcome to buy from our web or ebay store if you like it !

Welcome to shop !
All orders ship fast from china directly to the worldwide.
If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you ! 



M1CB 2020 Super Accurate Mini Slingshot Rifle 72CM Pulling One Key Unlock Full CNC Tech Easy Carry
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