Flymars B Hunting Slingshot Rifle comes with mechanical Sight Full Kit
Super precise. Wider Fork, Arc chamfer, protect rubber bands
Front sight adjusts up/down, Back sight adjust left/right.
Mechanical sight has the precise tiny adjustment.
Certified Quality Products, every parts are smooth metal surface fine workmanship.
Slingshot fork lines are arc chamfer, never hurts rubber bandsets.
Knockoff slingshot comes with thinner material and tubes, easy to break bend,
Rough metal surface is right angle metal lines,hurts rubber bandsets.
Material: stainless steel solid double tubes & Aviation Aluminum Alloy, CNC Technics making.
Metal Oxidation treatment, Solid double tracks, double tracks slides by Internal bearing
Rubber bands pulling distances 70cm
every ammo reloads, only push safe key, main body is movable,
Trigger and safe key, built double shooting insurance, plays safely.
Rifle stable bracket shown in the ebay photo gallery are only for display.
This item do not have any scope and laser
it comes with mechanical Sight aleady
but it supports to install your own scope.
Package Includes:
    1 * Flymars B Hunting Slingshot Rifle
    1 * Tool kit
    1 * Magnet Ring
    1 * Camouflage tape
    5 * Rubber Bandset #3060, super power.
  20 * Nylon Self-ties enhance bandset
100 * Super hard 9mm pottery balls
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The shipping way is by Global Express delivery service from China ( 7 to 14 business days) - Free shipping
Relaxing to track package in real time at courier's website in transit.
Not Economy Int'l Shipping.
Installation tips:
The groove in the each end of steel tube,
Both need to be exact matched to those 2 bulge slots which in the both slingshot's Fork and Butt.
Two Separate Trackable Express Packages Sending:
(1) Sending by two separate Express packages.
(2) You will receive a DHL package and EMS package separately.
(3) As this is express delivery, please ensure your postcode and address are matched correctly, otherwise it will cause a shipping delay.
(4) slingshot is ready to install, two packages sending, pass all gates smoothly.
(5) we are professional slingshot manufacturer, when you receive packages if you have any question about products or installtion,
     please be priority to email us and we will slove any issues to you within 36 hours.
(6) we run a wholesale business to distributors in a special price, mini order quantity 20 items, trade on ebay.
Using Manual :
(1) Install & adjust laser sighting or mechanical sight rightly
(2) keep every pellet reloaded in the same location point on releaser
(3) Measuring possible wind speed and target distance by your experience.
(4) Comparing Impact point against your aim point
(5) Readjust aim point after you change the rubber bands
(6) Slingshot Sniper comes from a good training
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Flymars B Hunting Slingshot Rifle Two Play Options at you favor Precise Full Kit
Flymars B
Special Request for Order
USD $ 225.00

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